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Singing along with Sing Street!

If you are wondering “How does she find these movies?!”, my answer to that is “By taking a chance and watching a whole lot of trailers!”

That is my favourite thing to do while surfing the web. Log on to YouTube and go click click click.

Sometimes, IMDB also serves as a good vehicle for my click click click venture. It also shows me links to related movies that I may, someday, like viewing.

If a movie features Adam Levine, then there are no two ways about it. I HAVE to watch it. Even if it is him only playback singing. Because, HELLO! ADAM LEVINE.

Yup, I am a big fan right here. Although I don’t remember the lyrics to any of his songs even if I have heard them all a million times! Neither do I know about all of his tattoos. I haven’t tried searching for my name in it. I swear on your head! My love is true and that is all I know.

SO what led me to this awesome movie that you MUST watch?

Adam, who else?

I was doing my usual listening to his songs on YouTube business, when I came across this new song. And paid attention to the description which read OST Sing Street. Hmmmmm….is he acting in this movie? Curious, curious!

So I checked out the trailer and VOILA! It was a movie that I just HAD to watch!!

It is a story based in the 80s’ in Dublin. Interestingly, I have watched the other movies by this director and they are pretty good too!

Before you watch this movie, brush up on your Irish. Or you may have to resort to sub-titles. I got a good ear on me. Actually a pair of them! So I had no issue.

This is a very sweet funny story of a teenager and how he plays the hand he is dealt with – in terms of his family which makes him go about getting what he wants, in spite of the odds being against him. And what he wanted was what any teenage boy wanted – to impress a girl. So he forms a Band! And this is the story about that journey. The songs are fun – from that era when everything was upbeat and loud – especially the hair and makeup. And you will be transported back in time.

As the story progresses, you see that the relationships are deeper than just a superficial crush. The understanding of children about their parents’ stuck in an unhappy marriage, the dusting of sibling rivalry which paled under the loyalty that they felt towards each other, school with atrocities like justified righteousness and bullying, friendships full of trust, breaking out of the mold, love, belief that anything is possible…all these things make the movie absolutely wonderful to watch.

I did not recognize any of the actors, except Little Finger (from Game of Thrones). It is a new crew and they have all done a great job! Each of them are so believable in the parts they play. There are some memorable quotes in the movie as well. I would love to share it over here. Although that would be a spoiler. Tell you what? We can swap a list of our favourite quotes later. Good plan? Thanks!

I would rate this movie with FOUR


and one more, for Adam!


Here’s the trailer:

And here is the song that got me to the movie.

It is a beautiful song <3

Letter to Life!

My latest recommendation to you is to watch Dear Zindagi.

I got the chance to watch it before it disappeared from the big screen. My simplest description for the movie is – It is an extended therapy session. Being in the same profession, and being on both sides of the chair, I can firmly say that that’s what the movie was.

Show the problems through the symptoms, the therapy sessions and how it works, how it affects the person and everyone related to that person, resolution through understanding, acceptance and finally moving ahead!

I kept telling my movie partner, this is exactly how a therapy session should be! You can do away with the dramatics or make it a part of it, doesn’t really matter. Gaining trust, does. What really clicks with me is the message that everyone can benefit from Psychotherapy.

You don’t have to have a belittling illness or be suicidal or homicidal or multiple disorders to visit a therapist. If you simply want to understand yourself and accept yourself completely, that is a reason good enough to visit a therapist.

The cast of the movie is really good. All the actors, the big names as well as the supporting cast, has played their roles really well. The supporting enthusiastic friend, the realistic one, the bumbling all accepting one, the maid, the mother, even the patronizing uncle and aunts! You can see the patterns, the outcome of the patterns, the reasons for the patterns in the first place, and how the pattern gets broken.

I liked everything about the movie except the ending. Because your therapist doesn’t necessarily fall in love with you! Since it is a movie, and since it is SRK and Alia Bhat, I think creative liberty has been inserted. But people! That doesn’t happen in real life.

I am just a couple of weeks late in posting this blog. And I hope by now you have got your dose of Zindagi!

Note: And also watch English Vinglish. It’s by the same director. THAT is absolutely heart warming and fantastic!

SiMplY mArVeLlOuS!

I found this gem of a movie while I was trolling the internet for Feel Good Movies (FGM)


That’s not just the name of the movie, it describes the movie perfectly.

Marvellous is actually a TV movie (movie made only for Television screening)  and is based on a real life story. Neil Baldwin, the person who has inspired the movie is hale and hearty and just celebrated his 70th birthday party in March. What is interesting about this party is that it was attended by friends and family, professional footballers and football administrators, members of the clergy, professional actors and screenwriters, impresarios of the circus, Keele University professors, students and graduates, local dignitaries, singers from the Neil Baldwin Choir, three Cambridge University Boat Club rowers, and members of the Neil Baldwin Football Club. The highlight was a birthday greeting by video-link from Sir Alex Ferguson. Vice-Chancellor Professor Trevor McMillan remarked that “Only Neil could bring together people from such diverse walks of life to celebrate his birthday” (Thank you Wikipedia for this piece of information!)

So this man knows a whole lot of people. And is a registered clown. And has Learning Disability.

What the movie brought to me was how unfortunate we normal people are. Normal as in, you know, with average IQ. That is one way to gauge normalcy. There are many other ways, but that we shall file away under Random Musings section. Simply because we are so easy to train! We get trained to set our expectations, trained to think, to act, to be. We are so easy to define because we get our boundaries set. Either by experiences or by teachings! We become SO LIMITED. While THEY are LIMITLESS.

We label them as People with Special Needs. But in fact, they are simply Special. You will understand when you watch the movie. There are many movies that have touched on the subject of learning disabilities and other psychologically profiled illnesses. What this movie brings forth is that in spite of what we would view as roadblocks or impossibilities, there is this man who simply does what he wants to with the belief that he will achieve his goal.

Nello manages to be gainfully employed without asking for special privileges, makes friends from all walks of life – young and old, and believes that everything is possible if you just ask. His special skill includes Vicar Spotting – pointing out which priest is in line to be chosen as Bishop. And he did manage a football team as well.

Toby Jones, who plays Neil Baldwin in the movie, does a wonderful job. You don’t feel sorry for the character. You will be amazed at the strength of the man. And you would wish to be blessed by half the perseverance and faith that this man has.

Mrs. Baldwin, like any mother, is worried about her son. Worried about how he would survive without her looking out for him. Gemma Jones, who plays this character, won a BAFTA for her role. Mrs. Baldwin is forever worried about Neil, but he manages to surprise her every single time.

There are certain scenes that remains with me – how Neil would wait at a corner for a lift. Because someone would come and offer him a lift. Or how he would play tricks on his team members when they would pick on him. Or the reason he is so positive and happy is because he just decided to be positive and happy. All the time!

If you want to watch a FGM, this definitely should be on your list. You will keep smiling throughout the movie and after the movie and generally have a great day. I can vouch for this since I am still smiling as I write this. Although, NOTE: this is not such a fast paced movie. Hang in there. It is totally worth it.

I give it 4 clown hats!


P.S. Neil Baldwin – Totally Google Worthy!

Enjoy the trailer 😀

We Are Your Friends


Zac's abs have abs!!

Zac’s abs have abs!!








This review is not about Zac Efron, Well, almost

I am OD-ing on Zac Efron. And his movies. I am an easy person to please. You just need to play your cards right.

And this guy knows how to do it just by turning up on the screen!

Yes,I have watched the High School Musicals and got inspired to break into a song and dance.

Like all true stalkers, I usually google the actors that catch my attention. It can be their amazing acting skills, or the way their eyes crinkle when they smile, or their six-pack abs or other hundred million things that can catch my attention which leads me down this path towards utilising my limited time into looking up their lives, to know more about them, to find out what other movies they have acted in on their way to immortalization…

But the point of this post is the movie.

Because, hello! Movie review plus a push in the right direction for you when you are contemplating what to do on a Saturday night when the friends are gone and the plates are empty. The glasses are never empty.

This is a good movie for a Saturday night (or any time or any day) – We Are Your Friends.

This was a feel good movie for me. The main characters evolve to what their best can in a span of two odd hours.

The cast was interesting. I have watched Zac Efron and Wes Bently in other movies, but the remaining cast was new to me. This goes to show I need to up my ante for watching more movies.

What I loved about the movie was how the music followed me even after the credits had finished rolling. It was more of EDM. I am not a big fan of EDM. They all sound repetitive to me. But this movie opened up an integral aspect of how this kind of music can be special and mesmerising. Maybe that’s what sets apart one regular DJ from a great one. I have the music from this movie on repeat. So I am OD-ing on the music as well. But hey, it is worth it.

There is one particular scene that was interesting. I guess if you have been intoxicated enough or high on whatever the new high is, you must have experienced this. To see colours in everything. Okay, life is in technicolour but to Become Colours!

The storyline is simple and interesting. A laid-back one, nothing intense. Everyday struggles of everyday people, to have a better life. And how they choose to overcome the struggles. Work for the devil, sell your soul for a quick buck, the usual drama. There is love, life, loss and friendship. The movie is especially easier to understand since they spell out all the important bits. You’ll understand when you watch the trailer.

The leading lady, Emily Ratajkowski (Sophie) is beautiful, hot and definitely google worthy. I am sure other actors are too, but since I limit myself to the offerings of the Pandora’s Box, called the Internet, I choose only couple of actors to stalk. The remainder of the time, I spend watching trailers.

So in my humble opinion, this movie is definitely worth a spin!

I would give it 4 tubs of popcorn!


And one tub while watching the trailer:


And one hanky for the ladies to wipe that drool while watching Zac: