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10 reasons Why not to get over a hangover

The holiday season is already knocking at our doors! Christmas has come and gone and I am sure you, like me, are waiting for the New Year to come rolling in!
I know I will be waiting with a big banner to let the New Year (according to the Gregorian Calender) know that I am here and I am waiting with a whole lot of expectations.
Just like any marriage or job.

Good times is related to good company, good food, and even better drinks. After all, you cannot be completely jolly if your blood isn’t thinned down by copious amounts of alcohol. I am not advocating you should I.V. yourself into this situation – I am just saying out loud what everyone out there is thinking!
And to make sure that this is in the Spirit of the Holiday Season, here is 10 reasons why you should not get over a hangover this season:

1. Hangover implies that you have stopped drinking. DO NOT DO THAT!!
Because that will be a criminal waste.
I have reasons for that as well:

1.a. There are offers everywhere! There is One pe One free and Happy hours that continue into unhappy times but you will realise it only if you are sober. And there are huge discounts!! I am sure there are some coupon codes somewhere in the internet of beer.

1.b. ‘Ts the Season to be Jolly! You don’t have to impersonate Jolly or steal his identity. I meant that you should be happy. And what better way to be happy than when it is alcohol induced? Zero self motivation required. If you are lucky enough, you will be invited to many parties. And then zero monetary investment required!

1.c. It is the time to forgive and forget. And what better way to make sure this happens in the Spirit of the Season?! It is medically proved that alcohol will induce memory loss. Here is a scientific reason as well as method on how to get over your grudges or embarrassments and laugh with the crowd. When you are one with everyone, you are one with yourself. First lesson of life is To love yourself! I don’t mean masturbate. So!

1.d. Some research has proved that drinking beer will help flush out kidney stones and wine helps with heartaches and heartbreaks – literally and figuratively. Don’t you think it is really time to test out this research?

1.e. Your inhibitions will be lowered. Another scientific fact. Now you will be able to break into the Moonwalk or shakes your hips like Shakira and you will feel like God’s gift to mankind. You must bestow that gift to all your loved ones. It is your moral obligation.

1.f. Think about all the cool stories you can tell your grandchildren. They will not believe a word of it. Make sure you take plenty of pictures and post it on Instagram, Facebook – not Orkut. Then your legacy will always live on. Whether you like it or not, you are now immortalized.

1.g. Most importantly, YOLO.

I don’t think I made it to 10 or even 9. Hic!
You get my gist, right?

You are welcome.
Happy New Year.