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All Pie, No Crust! Chicken Pot Pie

Goodness in a Pot!


This is as easy as pie! Just keep all the ingrediants ready and you can cook up this storm anytime!

Serves – 4

Cooking time – 45 minutes


·500 gm boiled chicken
·2 cups boiled vegetables – It can be peas, carrot, beans, potatoes, corn – basically anything you fancy. Note – if you use beetroot, the pie will take that colour.
·2 cups of cream of chicken soup. You can use packet soup or create your own.
·Salt, pepper and chilli flakes to taste
·Rosemary – optional


1. De-bone the chicken into shreds and put the meat in a baking dish

2.Mix in the boiled vegetables.

3.Pour the cream of chicken soup over the mixture and mix well.

4. Add the salt, pepper and chilli flakes and adjust as per taste.

5.Sprinkle rosemary over the top and bake in a pre-heated over at 180 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes.

6. Let it stand for 10 minutes.

·Ladle out a portion into a bowl.
·Cut some bread and toast it. Rub some garlic over the bread to make your own garlic bread! Drizzle some olive oil over it.
·And Viola! Enjoy!!



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Have a good time since It’s Saturday night and not one minute we can lose!


Remember that song from Whigfield?

Who Dat?
Is that what you said?
Not if you remember the ’90s. Unless you were born in the era or later. Then it is a 50-50 chance.
Anyways, the reason why the song popped into my head was because some Saturday nights, you just want to make the best out of it. Okay, correct that – ALL Saturday nights!

One of the things that you can do is check out the party sense at one of the night clubs in Mumbai.
If you are a regular party-goer, then this post will only tell you what you already know.
If you are a party-virgin, or a party-absentee – like I was, then this post will help you get an idea of what to expect.

I am lucky to be friends with Kumbu who knew a friend who recommended a hip and happening place to go dancing. This is no ballroom dancing kind of place. Although, you can attempt it if you are able to find that space. Maybe, before midnight. After that, you are lucky if you can even turn without bumping into anyone.
This is a “dance like there is no tomorrow” and “dance like a maniac” and “I don’t care about how I look like when I dance” kind of place. Also known as Trilogy.

Trilogy is a club located in Sea Princess Hotel, Mumbai. There are entry fees – I hear upto Rs. 2000 per couple on any night. Although we were blessed to be on the guest list that got us free entries. Thank you, Kumbu’s friend!
I must warn you though, on a Saturday night, you may not always gain entry even if you are ready to pay your way through. You have these somewhat beefy bouncers at the gate, speaking into mics, confirming names on the list. I don’t really know how do they “okay” a paid entry. I think being early is your best bet. But the place gets bouncing only after midnight. Oh and the club is open till three in the morning.

The rules are strict – no drugs, no alcohol, no guns allowed. There is a dress code for the gents. Ladies, you can go crazy with your dressing. The decor is interesting. There are 2 levels, which thankfully translates into 2 bars. And lot of place to sit and enjoy with your group – if you feel like it. But what is the most fascinating thing about the place is the ceiling covered with these trippy lights! Above the dance floor, there are hundreds of these lights which change colour and blink in and out and feels like it moves rhythmically to the music. You can just be completely awed by it every time you step into this place. I personally feel the lights help you transcend to another level altogether.

If we thought we saved up by not paying entry fees, we shelled out that money over the bar counter. A drink as simple as beer can cost you about Rs 400 Add various taxes and it may cost you upto Rs 600 and our choice of drink was Long Island Iced Tea. Let me not recollect how much THAT cost me!
I am sure there was something on the menu about food. But it was too dark to read. I’d say don’t order from the bar. If you are hungry, there is an all-night buffet in the hotel for about Rs 1000

The music left a lot to be desired. That was the most disappointing bit for me. Maybe it was “play crappy music” night. So that is something you’d have to risk if you are planning to visit Trilogy. Even though it was disappointing, I am not the one to make a fuss over it. And neither are my friends. So we found our beat and kept at it, jostling and pushing the other party goers.

The staff was pretty okay. Although if you spoke to them nicely and smiled and thanked them, they are warmer towards you. I guess this applies in all situations 🙂

As for the actual party goers, Trilogy is supposed to be one of the more happening clubs where the Who’s Who comes to party. Although I didn’t see anyone famous. And even if I did, I sure didn’t recognise anyone. Not much has changed since the last time I went dancing with my friends to a club. Mostly everyone is out to have a good time.
The club also offers a view of the Arabian Sea. But we didn’t check it out. Primarily because we have the sea at our disposal closer to home. I am sure you’d enjoy the view and the breeze if you check it out at the hotel.

Time slipped away and before we knew it, we were on our way back home.
Did I have a nice time? Yes.
Will I go back again? Never for the music. Maybe for the dancing. Surely for the lights! Definitely for the company!


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Peas Meal – Green Pea and Spinach Soup

Peas Meal – Green Pea and Spinach Soup

Philomena Pennefather



At first look, the soup reminds me of the Hulk. And the soup is like that. Looks weirdly alien like but is yummy to taste. Ah!
Serves – 4
Preparation time – 20 minutes

• 1 cup fresh peas
• 1/2 cup blanched spinach
• 1 tsp butter
• 1 tsp olive oil
• 1 tsp wheat flour
• 2 spring onions – bulbs only. Finely chopped
• Veg stock – 1 cup
• Salt and pepper powder to taste
• 1/2 cup milk
• Milk cream to garnish
• Note – cup size is about 200 ml.

1. Boil the peas and spinach in 1 cup water till the peas are tender
2. In another larger pan, heat the butter and olive oil together and saute chopped onions in it till transparent – DO NOT BROWN
3. Add the flour and saute till it is cooked
4. Add the liquid from the cooked peas and stir well
5. In a blender, add all the above cooked ingredients. Also add the milk and veg stock along with salt and pepper as per taste.
6. Run the blender till you get a nice green “smoothie” consistency
7. Strain the mixture into a larger pan and heat it gently. Do not boil this mixture as the milk may split.
8. Serve garnished with cream.
9. Enjoy!


Wrapped with taste: Patra Ni Macchi (Fish cooked in Banana Leaf)

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A delightful Parsi delicacy, made with ease

Ramiya Bhas

Patra Ni Macchi (Fish cooked in Banana Leaf)
I enjoy making this dish at home. Though it may seem like too much work, the end result of this dish is absolutely amazing. It’s fresh, it’s delicious and full of flavour


A For the chutney stuffing
1 Half a coconut
2 500 gm fresh coriander, cleaned and segregated from its stem.
3 500 gm fresh mint, cleaned and segregated from its stem.
4 6 chillies
5 2 tsp salt
6 1 tsp sugar
7 1 lime
8 12 -15 cloves of garlic

A 6 silver pomfrets, cleaned and cut into 2 pieces. This will give you 12 individual pomfret slices
B 8 banana leaves, each banana leaf can be cut into halves. Keep extra handy.
C Thread, regular one available at home
D 5 cups of water


1 In a mixer, first grind the coconut, the mint, coriander, chillies and garlic. Add 3 tsp of water to help with grinding.
2 Once the same has been ground properly, squeeze the juice of 1 lime and add salt. Blend this mixture again so that the salt and the lime juice has mixed with the chutney. Taste to make sure that the salt is as per your liking.
3 Finally, add the sugar last and give the chutney a quick whirl.
4 You can make this overnight and keep
5 Cut the pomfrets into individual slices.
6 Take a piece of pomfret and place it on the banana leaf. Coat the same with a good dollop of chutney. Once one side is covered do this on the other side also.
7 Fold the banana leaf in into a packet and tie it with the thread. If you see any tears in the leaf, use one of the extra pieces to wrap it so that it covers the spot and tie it.
8 Do this to all the pieces. Make sure that it is tied properly, so that the chutney doesn’t spill out of the casing
9 To cook, place them in a steel vessel and cover it. Add 4 cups of water in a deep-bottomed cooker and steam the fish for 10 minutes. I remove the whistle of the cooker, since I don’t have a steamer. It is best to cover the vessel that holds the fish, so that there is no extra water that goes inside it. Even if it does, don’t panic. It will not ruin your dish.
10 Serve with some onions or salad of your preference.

Wrapped and packed

Hello, 2016!

Hello, 2016!



The New Year did come in with a bang!
And it was followed up beautifully with a day spent out in the open.

Kumbu had asked me keep my day free and he wanted to take a few of us to a special place.
By the time we had to leave for the drive, it was the three of us, including Chota Bomb.
Everyone else had things to do and people to meet. We had the day free, so we took off!

We left at 1230 hours. The place where we were headed was kept a secret. Sneha and I knew it was towards Nasik. Where exactly, we weren’t sure.
But we didn’t bother too much about it. Kumbu was at the wheel of his beloved Achilles (Honda Jazz) and we were making good time with not too much traffic.

In fact, the maximum traffic we found was in the restaurant Green Lawns just after Kasara Ghats, on the way to Igatpuri. Human traffic, that is. The place was packed and the waiters were super busy.
I wish I could say that it was the awesome food that drove in the crowds. I think, it was just the location. Easily accessible and visible.
The food, by my experience, was spicy. The dal khichidi was spicy, the pav bhaji was spicy, even the masala papad was spicy. It was like the cook decided to ensure everyone has a spicy and hot new year! Thank fully the chaas (buttermilk) was cool and saved me from my peril.
It was already 1600 hours by the time we left for the secret location.


The road seemed familiar – it looked like we were heading towards Shirdi. I told Kumbu if he had told me before, I would have gotten my mum along. She would have been thrilled!
By now, I thought I knew where we were going. Towards the sea of windmills!
But what could be so special about these windmills? I can see them from the road!

This is where it got interesting. Kumbu took some turns through some villages and we found ourselves at the base of a curvy road leading up the mountain.
Do you know the feeling you get when you know you are going to be greeted by something that is totally awesome and breathtaking?
That is exactly how I felt.
I became quiet, rolled down my windows and sat up.

Nothing can prepare you for the first sight of the windmill, standing tall and straight, going up towards the limitless sky. What appear like sentinels guarding the Western Ghats, keeping a watch over the sleepy inhabitants from a distance, ends up being a force that you don’t want to mess with when you come close to it.
It seems like such an everyday thing – windmill. It’s there somewhere in the deep recesses of our brain. We don’t pay so much thought to it. Because it doesn’t really affect our day-to-day life. But now, faced with this giant, I am forced to think. To acknowledge. And be amazed.
It is a man-made wonder and common but yet – not so common. The weight, the length, the height – I cannot even think to put that in numbers. I am sure Wikipedia will do that for you.
For me, I cannot attempt to put AMAZING into numbers.

When you stand close to the windmill, you can hear the blades making the whoop…..whoop…..whoop sound as it slices the air. And the unmistakable sound of electricity buzzing through the wires. You want to just lie down on the ground and keep looking at the humongous blades as it keeps going round and round like the propeller of the airplane.

And the view! It felt like you could see the entire world from up here. It wasn’t really the entire world, but that’s what it felt like. Of course, we had to keep in mind, one wrong step and it would be the end of our worlds. So we gave the edge of the mountain the respect it deserves. And kept away.
It was the silence that was the added gift. I mean, you can try to listen to silence anywhere – you only have to try a bit. Here, you don’t even have to try. It surrounds you. And if I had to stay there long enough, I would become Silence.

Of course, we did the city-people touristy things and clicked hundreds of photos. To share it with people who were not there with us. I think we clicked them for our memory bank – so that when we come across these pictures, we live those few moments where we experienced feelings of complete joy and freedom once again.

The air started getting cooler and the sun, softer. Everything was bathed in magic dust. And it was time to leave. We travelled for almost seven hours to spend just a half hour at this place. And it was totally worth it. I had started the journey not knowing what would I find and whether I would be disappointed or not. Faith prevailed. Of letting the day take its course and that it would be worthwhile. It was totally worthwhile.
And sometimes, you just have to do things on faith. Like a road trip, not knowing what the destination holds. You will be rewarded with Magic.







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Humans and animals have shared a special bond since humans were living in caves. We were either hunting them or befriending them or both! The reasons to keep a pet when we had just discovered fire and dressed to cover our modesty (or not) might have been different from the ones we have now, but the benefits are as applicable now as they ever were. Here are the top 10 reasons to go to the nearest shelter and adopt a pet:

1) The unconditional love that a pet gives.
All the clamoring about unconditional love from a pet is true, you know! Anybody who has been blitzed by the love attack of an excited doggy will vouch for it. Animals seem to have a never-ending supply of love for their humans and who doesn’t love periodic doses of love without conditions?

2) The sense of responsibility for another living being.
Children who grow up with pets tend to be more empathetic and learn about responsibility when they are given jobs to do for the pet. No matter how tired your kid might be after soccer practice they will take the dog for a walk. When Ttommy has to go, he HAS to go!

3) The dreaded word for many – EXERCISE!
A pet is the perfect way to get couch potatoes to go out for a walk. It’s either that, or bending to scoop Tommy’s poop from the expensive carpet and then clean pee from every room. Fresh air (and less work) wins!

4) After all that adrenaline pumping, one needs to calm down as well. Pets are a calming influence.
Research has proven that stroking your cat or watching fish swim is calming and soothes even the most frazzled of nerves. This is a big bonus for the oldies that fall short of time to worry about all and sundry even after worrying all day. Gift your parents a pet next anniversary and watch them learn to calm down and breathe a little!

5) No more nightmares!
A soft, fluffy, warm bedmate means no nightmares. Even if the unfortunate sleep stealer does make an appearance, a reassuring nuzzle and a soft head in your arms or on your feet will drive the demons away.


6) Protection for the house.
An alert dog has saved quite a few housing societies from being burgled. For a potential thief, a dog in the house will raise the alarm and will be one more adversary to tackle making it extra work on their part. Plus the fear of being bitten seems to be a primitive one (in this case – Tthank God!). What high fences and alarm systems cannot achieve, a set of razor sharp teeth and an even better sense of smell and night vision manage pretty well!

7) A happy face after a long hard day at work.
Nobody, I repeat – NOBODY, can deny the pleasure felt walking in to a house, after a long day of work, where a wagging tail and eager eyes are waiting to greet you. Did I hear someone say ‘instant stress buster’?

8) The perfect cure for loneliness.
In this day and age when people don’t even know who their neighbors are, it’s nice to have another living being that gives offers companionship and love. Dogs have been known to take the ‘companion’ role a tad too far sometimes. They will follow you to the pot if you let them (and then drink from it afterwards!).

9) An automatic vacuum machine. No more food on the floor!
Those beady eyes will watch every morsel you eat and every crumb you drop. Food on the floor is as non-existent in a house with a pet as a Kardashian’s sense of privacy.

10) You get to give somebody else a home and shelter, how can that be a bad thing?

Coffee Curd roast chicken

Coffee curd chicken 1
Coffee Curd Roast Chicken
1. 2 and ½ tsp of Salt
2. 1 and ½ tsp of ground coffee.
3. 3 and ½ tsp of red chilli powder or paprika.
4. ½ tsp of turmeric.
5. 3 tbsp of curd. Not completely dry.
6. 1 Onion cut into rings
7. 1 Tbsp of Olive Oil
8. 500 gms chicken cut into medium sized pieces. Keep the skin separately.
Clean the chicken and keep aside. I keep the Skin separately. If you want, you can discard the same. Make small incisions on the flesh of the chicken.
In a bowl, first add the salt, followed by the red chilli powder and turmeric. Mix it and add the coffee and mix well. Taste the mixture and ajust th chilli powder according to the level of heat you want in your food. Add the curd in the end. Mix the curd with the dry rub and combine it well. The texture of the marinade is firm. If you feel its runny or liquidy, add a little bit of semolina (rawa). This will also help bind the spices to the meat mixture.
While marinating the meat, take each piece and rub the spice mix individually. This helps in getting the spice rub to every nook and corner of the chicken. Do this to every piece.
Once all the pieces are individually coated, put them in the same mix bowl and add the onion rings. This will allow all the pieces and onions to be coated evenly.
Keep aside for atleast 45 mins.
To Roast: Preheat the oven for 10 mins at 120 Degrees C. I keep mine on the ‘Bake’ Mode for 10 Mins.
On a baking tray, line the base with Foil. Coat it well with olive oil.
Place the chicken and Onions on the tray. Make sure there is atleast 2 finger distance from each other. Don’t over crowd the tray. Cover the same with another foil paper and make small holes on the top of the same to let steam pass out.
Cook at 150 degrees for 12 mins on one side. Turn them over and cook for another 5 mins on the other side. I keep mine on the ‘Bake’ Mode. A word of caution, while removing the foil from the top, make sure you use Oven mitts.
For the second lot, you need not oil the base. It will have the remaining oil from the first lot as well as the some amount of chicken fat.
Let the meat rest on a plate for 5 minutes. Garnish with some coriander.
Best Served with Beer and Chips.

10 reasons Why not to get over a hangover

The holiday season is already knocking at our doors! Christmas has come and gone and I am sure you, like me, are waiting for the New Year to come rolling in!
I know I will be waiting with a big banner to let the New Year (according to the Gregorian Calender) know that I am here and I am waiting with a whole lot of expectations.
Just like any marriage or job.

Good times is related to good company, good food, and even better drinks. After all, you cannot be completely jolly if your blood isn’t thinned down by copious amounts of alcohol. I am not advocating you should I.V. yourself into this situation – I am just saying out loud what everyone out there is thinking!
And to make sure that this is in the Spirit of the Holiday Season, here is 10 reasons why you should not get over a hangover this season:

1. Hangover implies that you have stopped drinking. DO NOT DO THAT!!
Because that will be a criminal waste.
I have reasons for that as well:

1.a. There are offers everywhere! There is One pe One free and Happy hours that continue into unhappy times but you will realise it only if you are sober. And there are huge discounts!! I am sure there are some coupon codes somewhere in the internet of beer.

1.b. ‘Ts the Season to be Jolly! You don’t have to impersonate Jolly or steal his identity. I meant that you should be happy. And what better way to be happy than when it is alcohol induced? Zero self motivation required. If you are lucky enough, you will be invited to many parties. And then zero monetary investment required!

1.c. It is the time to forgive and forget. And what better way to make sure this happens in the Spirit of the Season?! It is medically proved that alcohol will induce memory loss. Here is a scientific reason as well as method on how to get over your grudges or embarrassments and laugh with the crowd. When you are one with everyone, you are one with yourself. First lesson of life is To love yourself! I don’t mean masturbate. So!

1.d. Some research has proved that drinking beer will help flush out kidney stones and wine helps with heartaches and heartbreaks – literally and figuratively. Don’t you think it is really time to test out this research?

1.e. Your inhibitions will be lowered. Another scientific fact. Now you will be able to break into the Moonwalk or shakes your hips like Shakira and you will feel like God’s gift to mankind. You must bestow that gift to all your loved ones. It is your moral obligation.

1.f. Think about all the cool stories you can tell your grandchildren. They will not believe a word of it. Make sure you take plenty of pictures and post it on Instagram, Facebook – not Orkut. Then your legacy will always live on. Whether you like it or not, you are now immortalized.

1.g. Most importantly, YOLO.

I don’t think I made it to 10 or even 9. Hic!
You get my gist, right?

You are welcome.
Happy New Year.