Of all the things that I have encountered, it is always the beginning that is the most difficult.

Let that be following up on new year resolutions, changing habits or hey, writing!

If you do get curious and check the last dates of my posts, it is waaaaay over a year now.

So I am beginning again. After a lot of false starts. But what is the point in beating myself up over that?

As long as I hit that PUBLISH button.

I always wanted the site to have more information / input / data / experiences of various things..

Like Health and Fitness, Various modalities of Therapies, Recipes, Movie or Book Reviews, Travel and Adventure – big and small, Animals – both the social and the wild, Inspirational stories and more!

I will be updating the site on a regular basis. But if you want to write / share something – anything – which you think is worth sharing, speak up!

Who knows – what you want to share is exactly what someone, somewhere is waiting to read. And you are the reason that CHANGE is happening.


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