BAAHUBALI 2 (EEEEEEKKKKKS, It is finally here!

Movie Review Time!

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Actually, I will be watching the movie tomorrow. Hopefully, with a big tub of buttered and caramelized popcorn.


I have to write is in all capitals, because I think of it the same way.

Those of who know nothing about this movie, let me tell you this.

I find it hard to believe it.

It is just not possible you are living on our great country and you don’t know anything about it. Okay, given that I don’t know half the things that happen around me and that means my methods of living under a hole has largely been successful.

Now imagine, that even after living under a hole, if I know about Baahubali, you MUST also know about it. I am sure, there is a mathematical equation somewhere about it. Maybe I’ll create one later.

Moving along…when part 1 of this EPIC saga was released in 2015. I foo-fooed it, like maybe many others. Mainly because it was a movie in Telegu language. Then one of friend’s parents commented how wonderful this movie is. He couldn’t stop talking about it. Which convinced my friend to give it a try. Because he knew, from experience, that his dad doesn’t waste words. So he DRAGGED me along, promising me popcorn.

Now for me, it you bait me with popcorn, I will go along even for a documentary-type movie (shudder). Thankfully, this movie was now dubbed in Hindi and many other regional languages. It seems it was just THIS popular. I hadn’t figured it out why.

The first half of the movie had me in splits. I was all about the giggling and the commenting. Because, there were some scenes which were just toooooo filmy. Like the way the lead actor was oh so strong and could literally move mountains and fly into the sunset. And how he could basically undress a girl without her wishes, and SHE FALLS FOR HIM. In reality, I don’t have to tell you what that kind of action is called. I did warn my friend that this is only a movie. DO NOT TRY THIS IN REAL LIFE.

I don’t know what happened but suddenly I got so involved in the plot. The story that was being told on the screen. Yes, it is all fictional and a lot like Lord of the Rings. But it was just as intriguing. Everything was more than larger than life. The characters leaped out of the screen. The story unfolded and had more twists and turns than the cables attached to your computer. I fell silent. So did my friend. And we watched the movie spell-bound.

I had to admit, it was one hell of a movie. I liked it so much then I went for it again. And again. I have watched the movie a total of 4 times, one time in Telegu. I am sure I don’t mind watching it again. I have watched it by myself and with people of different age categories. We all loved it.

Needless to admit, I have a small (huge) crush on the lead actor. That part I mentioned above – he was only playing the part of a caveman to the T. Besides, I am sure he knows that this is only a movie. Plus, he has a drool-worthy body.       Image result for drool face image

Everything else is forgiven.

And just like any great story, it cannot be told only in one part in a matter of 3 measly hours. Therefore, there HAD to be a PART 2. Hopefully, for another 3 hours. Or more. I feel this is the most awaited movie of all times! For people across India. It is not just a movie from the South. Only for the Telegu speaking crowd. This is for ONE and ALL!

Which brings me to the point of this post.



Yes, I was smart enough to NOT share the QR code. Lest you go instead of me! I also entertained the idea of calling in sick and going for the first show of the day. I cannot wait for tomorrow – 27.04.2017!

And get this – if you book your tickets through Book My Show, you get Rs. 125 or 50% off on the tickets. Whichever is of lesser value, of course. 

The code is BMS125 and this offer is valid upto 30.04.2017 !

I can benefit from this offer a number of times!

You can expect a review about the experience. I will definitely update you on how many times I watched the movie. I may have other things to do with my time.You know – explore, experience, exist.


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