Letter to Life!

My latest recommendation to you is to watch Dear Zindagi.

I got the chance to watch it before it disappeared from the big screen. My simplest description for the movie is – It is an extended therapy session. Being in the same profession, and being on both sides of the chair, I can firmly say that that’s what the movie was.

Show the problems through the symptoms, the therapy sessions and how it works, how it affects the person and everyone related to that person, resolution through understanding, acceptance and finally moving ahead!

I kept telling my movie partner, this is exactly how a therapy session should be! You can do away with the dramatics or make it a part of it, doesn’t really matter. Gaining trust, does. What really clicks with me is the message that everyone can benefit from Psychotherapy.

You don’t have to have a belittling illness or be suicidal or homicidal or multiple disorders to visit a therapist. If you simply want to understand yourself and accept yourself completely, that is a reason good enough to visit a therapist.

The cast of the movie is really good. All the actors, the big names as well as the supporting cast, has played their roles really well. The supporting enthusiastic friend, the realistic one, the bumbling all accepting one, the maid, the mother, even the patronizing uncle and aunts! You can see the patterns, the outcome of the patterns, the reasons for the patterns in the first place, and how the pattern gets broken.

I liked everything about the movie except the ending. Because your therapist doesn’t necessarily fall in love with you! Since it is a movie, and since it is SRK and Alia Bhat, I think creative liberty has been inserted. But people! That doesn’t happen in real life.

I am just a couple of weeks late in posting this blog. And I hope by now you have got your dose of Zindagi!

Note: And also watch English Vinglish. It’s by the same director. THAT is absolutely heart warming and fantastic!

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