Mister Doctor Strange!

If there is one movie you must watch this weekend, make it Doctor Strange.

I am not saying it because I am a huge fan of Benedict (love the actor, not the eggs). I am saying it because it is and excellent movie!

I may be a tad partial to magic and impossibilities, but this is not just about magic.

Being the newest in line of the Marvel franchise movies, this movie will make more sense and ensure all the story lines start emerging now, including the much awaited (by me, definitely) Avengers and Thor:Ragnarok movies.

We had a bunch of hooligans sitting behind us talking and such. But only until the theatre turned dark. Then everything disappeared, except the screen and the popcorn.

In the beginning, I was a little skeptical. Because Benedict Cumberbatch has been Sherlock for me for sooooo long. And then he was Khan. But mostly Sherlock. Also, I did not have any idea about this Marvel Superhero. Come on, it was a little strange with a name like Doctor Strange, don’t you think?

Also, what was his superpower? I didn’t quite get it when I saw the trailer. And then I saw the movie. And then I was like: this is meant to be!

There is the part about the effects where the world on the screen turns topsy-turvy and seems like Inception at one point and reminds you of Alice in Wonderland at another point. But it is much more than that! Psychedelic and trippy, for sure. But still much more. It is an idea. An idea that has been around for so long that we have taken it for granted. An idea that simply states “Anything is Possible”. And that is wonderful!

Spoiler Alert:

Though Dr. Strange is only trying to gain his life back by getting control over his hands (he is supposed to be a brilliant surgeon), he ends up getting control and losing control of more than the Universe. Because control is subjective. Subjective to how bound you are to your thoughts and beliefs and what you think is true. Because the Truth can be infinite. Really. Think about it. All that actually matters is if you are ready to let go and explore what lies beyond what you think can be true. Which will actually make you levitate.

Yeah, you don’t think about all this when you are watching the movie. I sat with my eyes wide open in wonder. Because of the thought of the possibilities that exist. And that made the movie just plain awesome! The Infinity stone, a new one, makes an appearance. Which builds the link to all the other movies so far.

There is the humour present which is seen in all the Marvel movies. Good to see that superheroes don’t take themselves too seriously. And Dr. Strange’s cape has a personality of its own. You need to see it to believe it.

The other roles and characters are interesting too. Like the Ancient One/ Guru. Or the Love Interest. Or the MMA trained artist/ actor (Scott Adkins) who mostly plays an assassin in most of the movies he stars in. Although, what I want to know is why does he get such little screen time and why does he have to get killed? He got killed in The Grimsby Brothers as well! Okay bad guy dying means good guys are winning. But hello, some more of the MMA stuff please before the give him the knife/ axe.

I needn’t say this if you are a true Marvel fan. But I’ll still say it: Wait after the credits roll. There is that something extra that will make you go OOOOOOOOOooooooooo. Or maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, I give DR. STRANGE

st06 st06 st06 st06

4 capes!

So stop making sense of everything and start being amazed!

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