Chase away the Monday Blues!

A sure shot way to be chirpier when you start your work week!




brewed by imagination and of course, borrowed from Jim Davis!

Making sweet music since 4EVA!

Making sweet music since 4EVA!

Because life comes full circle. And generally, it starts with a Monday and ends on a Sunday. If you are a human who lives productively by either working or studying or raising other humans, you will generally dislike Mondays. Unless you are from another planet.

So we will try to find ways to not hate Mondays. Because hate is never good for the universe. Or for the constipated.

Let’s go, shall we?

  1. Take a heavy duty sleeping pill, with the intention of playing Rapunzel – not suicidal – on Sunday evening. You will wake up on Tuesday sometime, successfully having avoided Monday and hence the blues! One less day to deal with the worldly poop.
  2. Quit your job/ education – become a bum. Without responsibilities, you will not care which day it is. Let alone Monday morning.
  3. Gather enough signatures around the globe to start a new initiative called “Pay me extra to show up at work/school on Monday with a smile on my face and not intentions of stabbing people in their eyes!”
  4. Gather some more signatures to start Monday morning at 1300 hours, that is, after lunch. This will give you enough time to acclimatise from your ‘relaxing Sunday’ mode to ‘meet deadlines Monday’ mode.
  5. Since people are signing, include the movement Move Melancholic Mondays to Troublesome Tuesdays. Let Tuesday become the new Monday. Mondays require some love. Let it evolve to Memorable Mondays. That should help change the thought.

And if still nothing works, just do what Garfield does.


Brush up that attitude!


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