Have a good time since It’s Saturday night and not one minute we can lose!


Remember that song from Whigfield?

Who Dat?
Is that what you said?
Not if you remember the ’90s. Unless you were born in the era or later. Then it is a 50-50 chance.
Anyways, the reason why the song popped into my head was because some Saturday nights, you just want to make the best out of it. Okay, correct that – ALL Saturday nights!

One of the things that you can do is check out the party sense at one of the night clubs in Mumbai.
If you are a regular party-goer, then this post will only tell you what you already know.
If you are a party-virgin, or a party-absentee – like I was, then this post will help you get an idea of what to expect.

I am lucky to be friends with Kumbu who knew a friend who recommended a hip and happening place to go dancing. This is no ballroom dancing kind of place. Although, you can attempt it if you are able to find that space. Maybe, before midnight. After that, you are lucky if you can even turn without bumping into anyone.
This is a “dance like there is no tomorrow” and “dance like a maniac” and “I don’t care about how I look like when I dance” kind of place. Also known as Trilogy.

Trilogy is a club located in Sea Princess Hotel, Mumbai. There are entry fees – I hear upto Rs. 2000 per couple on any night. Although we were blessed to be on the guest list that got us free entries. Thank you, Kumbu’s friend!
I must warn you though, on a Saturday night, you may not always gain entry even if you are ready to pay your way through. You have these somewhat beefy bouncers at the gate, speaking into mics, confirming names on the list. I don’t really know how do they “okay” a paid entry. I think being early is your best bet. But the place gets bouncing only after midnight. Oh and the club is open till three in the morning.

The rules are strict – no drugs, no alcohol, no guns allowed. There is a dress code for the gents. Ladies, you can go crazy with your dressing. The decor is interesting. There are 2 levels, which thankfully translates into 2 bars. And lot of place to sit and enjoy with your group – if you feel like it. But what is the most fascinating thing about the place is the ceiling covered with these trippy lights! Above the dance floor, there are hundreds of these lights which change colour and blink in and out and feels like it moves rhythmically to the music. You can just be completely awed by it every time you step into this place. I personally feel the lights help you transcend to another level altogether.

If we thought we saved up by not paying entry fees, we shelled out that money over the bar counter. A drink as simple as beer can cost you about Rs 400 Add various taxes and it may cost you upto Rs 600 and our choice of drink was Long Island Iced Tea. Let me not recollect how much THAT cost me!
I am sure there was something on the menu about food. But it was too dark to read. I’d say don’t order from the bar. If you are hungry, there is an all-night buffet in the hotel for about Rs 1000

The music left a lot to be desired. That was the most disappointing bit for me. Maybe it was “play crappy music” night. So that is something you’d have to risk if you are planning to visit Trilogy. Even though it was disappointing, I am not the one to make a fuss over it. And neither are my friends. So we found our beat and kept at it, jostling and pushing the other party goers.

The staff was pretty okay. Although if you spoke to them nicely and smiled and thanked them, they are warmer towards you. I guess this applies in all situations 🙂

As for the actual party goers, Trilogy is supposed to be one of the more happening clubs where the Who’s Who comes to party. Although I didn’t see anyone famous. And even if I did, I sure didn’t recognise anyone. Not much has changed since the last time I went dancing with my friends to a club. Mostly everyone is out to have a good time.
The club also offers a view of the Arabian Sea. But we didn’t check it out. Primarily because we have the sea at our disposal closer to home. I am sure you’d enjoy the view and the breeze if you check it out at the hotel.

Time slipped away and before we knew it, we were on our way back home.
Did I have a nice time? Yes.
Will I go back again? Never for the music. Maybe for the dancing. Surely for the lights! Definitely for the company!


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