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Humans and animals have shared a special bond since humans were living in caves. We were either hunting them or befriending them or both! The reasons to keep a pet when we had just discovered fire and dressed to cover our modesty (or not) might have been different from the ones we have now, but the benefits are as applicable now as they ever were. Here are the top 10 reasons to go to the nearest shelter and adopt a pet:

1) The unconditional love that a pet gives.
All the clamoring about unconditional love from a pet is true, you know! Anybody who has been blitzed by the love attack of an excited doggy will vouch for it. Animals seem to have a never-ending supply of love for their humans and who doesn’t love periodic doses of love without conditions?

2) The sense of responsibility for another living being.
Children who grow up with pets tend to be more empathetic and learn about responsibility when they are given jobs to do for the pet. No matter how tired your kid might be after soccer practice they will take the dog for a walk. When Ttommy has to go, he HAS to go!

3) The dreaded word for many – EXERCISE!
A pet is the perfect way to get couch potatoes to go out for a walk. It’s either that, or bending to scoop Tommy’s poop from the expensive carpet and then clean pee from every room. Fresh air (and less work) wins!

4) After all that adrenaline pumping, one needs to calm down as well. Pets are a calming influence.
Research has proven that stroking your cat or watching fish swim is calming and soothes even the most frazzled of nerves. This is a big bonus for the oldies that fall short of time to worry about all and sundry even after worrying all day. Gift your parents a pet next anniversary and watch them learn to calm down and breathe a little!

5) No more nightmares!
A soft, fluffy, warm bedmate means no nightmares. Even if the unfortunate sleep stealer does make an appearance, a reassuring nuzzle and a soft head in your arms or on your feet will drive the demons away.


6) Protection for the house.
An alert dog has saved quite a few housing societies from being burgled. For a potential thief, a dog in the house will raise the alarm and will be one more adversary to tackle making it extra work on their part. Plus the fear of being bitten seems to be a primitive one (in this case – Tthank God!). What high fences and alarm systems cannot achieve, a set of razor sharp teeth and an even better sense of smell and night vision manage pretty well!

7) A happy face after a long hard day at work.
Nobody, I repeat – NOBODY, can deny the pleasure felt walking in to a house, after a long day of work, where a wagging tail and eager eyes are waiting to greet you. Did I hear someone say ‘instant stress buster’?

8) The perfect cure for loneliness.
In this day and age when people don’t even know who their neighbors are, it’s nice to have another living being that gives offers companionship and love. Dogs have been known to take the ‘companion’ role a tad too far sometimes. They will follow you to the pot if you let them (and then drink from it afterwards!).

9) An automatic vacuum machine. No more food on the floor!
Those beady eyes will watch every morsel you eat and every crumb you drop. Food on the floor is as non-existent in a house with a pet as a Kardashian’s sense of privacy.

10) You get to give somebody else a home and shelter, how can that be a bad thing?

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    lovely and great reasons 🙂

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