Coffee Curd roast chicken

Coffee curd chicken 1
Coffee Curd Roast Chicken
1. 2 and ½ tsp of Salt
2. 1 and ½ tsp of ground coffee.
3. 3 and ½ tsp of red chilli powder or paprika.
4. ½ tsp of turmeric.
5. 3 tbsp of curd. Not completely dry.
6. 1 Onion cut into rings
7. 1 Tbsp of Olive Oil
8. 500 gms chicken cut into medium sized pieces. Keep the skin separately.
Clean the chicken and keep aside. I keep the Skin separately. If you want, you can discard the same. Make small incisions on the flesh of the chicken.
In a bowl, first add the salt, followed by the red chilli powder and turmeric. Mix it and add the coffee and mix well. Taste the mixture and ajust th chilli powder according to the level of heat you want in your food. Add the curd in the end. Mix the curd with the dry rub and combine it well. The texture of the marinade is firm. If you feel its runny or liquidy, add a little bit of semolina (rawa). This will also help bind the spices to the meat mixture.
While marinating the meat, take each piece and rub the spice mix individually. This helps in getting the spice rub to every nook and corner of the chicken. Do this to every piece.
Once all the pieces are individually coated, put them in the same mix bowl and add the onion rings. This will allow all the pieces and onions to be coated evenly.
Keep aside for atleast 45 mins.
To Roast: Preheat the oven for 10 mins at 120 Degrees C. I keep mine on the ‘Bake’ Mode for 10 Mins.
On a baking tray, line the base with Foil. Coat it well with olive oil.
Place the chicken and Onions on the tray. Make sure there is atleast 2 finger distance from each other. Don’t over crowd the tray. Cover the same with another foil paper and make small holes on the top of the same to let steam pass out.
Cook at 150 degrees for 12 mins on one side. Turn them over and cook for another 5 mins on the other side. I keep mine on the ‘Bake’ Mode. A word of caution, while removing the foil from the top, make sure you use Oven mitts.
For the second lot, you need not oil the base. It will have the remaining oil from the first lot as well as the some amount of chicken fat.
Let the meat rest on a plate for 5 minutes. Garnish with some coriander.
Best Served with Beer and Chips.

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